chiropractic adjustment

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chiropractic adjustment

Manipulation of a body part with applied force to bring the whole body into better or healthier alignment. Adjustments may be performed by hand or with mechanical aids.
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chiropractic adjustment,

n any of a variety of physically manipulative techniques used to correct the functions of the spine or joints. May be applied with varying ampli-tude, velocity, amounts of recoil, and lengths of lever.


summarization of statistical measures in which the effects of differences in composition of the populations being compared have been minimized by statistical methods.

chiropractic adjustment
application of force to a vertebral articulation to restore biomechanical and neurological function.
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54) Indeed, chiropractic schools confine most of their training to the classroom, where there is very little patient contact with the exception of chiropractic adjustments.
27) Although this statement says the conclusion of the inquest was an accidental death, the statement also implies that the chiropractic adjustment had some role in the death by stating that the death occurred after a neck manipulation.
Precautions: Potential for muscular reactions, such as muscle spasm, can occur occasionally following a chiropractic adjustment.
The gift of sharing health and healing through the chiropractic adjustment is truly a blessing
This pain is often treated with muscle relaxants, massage, heat, hydrotherapy, chiropractic adjustment or orthopedic care.
He had a chiropractic adjustment Sunday to help alleviate the problem, but Percival will never be 100 percent.
8221; Some received Active Release Technique, the official soft tissue care, and others received a chiropractic adjustment.
A chiropractic adjustment fixed the problem and Washburn says he feels as good as he has in years.
In order to qualify for the free back support, new patients must receive one regular service at their first visit, whether it's a chiropractic adjustment, nutritional consultation or other service.
A Chicago-area study of 50 individuals with misaligned Atlas vertebrae (located high in the neck) documents reduced blood pressure following one specialized chiropractic adjustment and continued results after eight weeks.
Chiropractic adjustment relieves pressure on nerves, allowing vertebrae to move naturally thereby permitting the body to function normally.
Palmer, dispensed the first chiropractic adjustment there in 1895.