chiropractic adjustment

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chiropractic adjustment

Manipulation of a body part with applied force to bring the whole body into better or healthier alignment. Adjustments may be performed by hand or with mechanical aids.
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chiropractic adjustment,

n any of a variety of physically manipulative techniques used to correct the functions of the spine or joints. May be applied with varying ampli-tude, velocity, amounts of recoil, and lengths of lever.


summarization of statistical measures in which the effects of differences in composition of the populations being compared have been minimized by statistical methods.

chiropractic adjustment
application of force to a vertebral articulation to restore biomechanical and neurological function.
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From the planning to concluding stages of the inquest, the investigation focussed on chiropractic adjustments rather than on the death in question.
Lesser says, "and responses vary, but I truly can't think of a medical condition that won't be helped in some way by chiropractic adjustments.
In addition to chiropractic adjustments, the therapies emphasized at Spears included diet, nutritional support, exercise, and the necessity for a following a healthy lifestyle.
A randomized clinical trial comparing chiropractic adjustments to muscle relaxants for subacute low back pain.
His research interests include investigating cerebrospinal fluid pressure changes during upper cervical displacement and chiropractic adjustment, the effects of spinal cord compression on somatic evoked autonomic reflexes.
Chiropractic adjustment relieves pressure on nerves, allowing vertebrae to move naturally thereby permitting the body to function normally.
Does this mean that the chiropractic adjustment is not a valid form of treatment for anything other than musculoskeletal ailments?
She reported that the intensity of headaches would be relieved immediately after the chiropractic adjustment, however, within 2-3 days, the neck pain and shoulder pain returned.
I give the child a specific chiropractic adjustment and instruct the parents to give him or her 2-4 grams of buffered vitamin C per day and pineapple juice for the sore throat.
Amaro's computerized EMI program points to certain areas of the spine to be evaluated, such evaluation remains up to the doctor of chiropractic, as well as to what type of chiropractic adjustment to utilize.
Company is at the forefront of non-invasive, natural treatments, including spinal decompression therapy, chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, massage therapy and nutrition response technique.