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A small fragment resulting from breakage, cutting, or avulsion.


Etymology: AS, kippen, to slice
1 n, a relatively small piece of a bone or tooth.
2 v, to break off or cut away a small piece.
3 n, a semiconductor in which an integrated circuit is embedded.



n a logic element containing electronic circuit components, both active and passive, embedded in a cohesive material of any shape.
chip blower,

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Q. What does it means when you eat more junk (like chocalate and hot chips) than you do food? Is that good or bad chocolate hot chips pickles olives cheetos pops juice hot chips again hot chips again

A. Pickles and olives are not that junk, although they may contain high amounts of salt (sodium) that may exacerbate hypertension. Regarding the rest of the foods you listed, well, they aren't the best thing to eat- a lot of calories and fat, without satisfying your appetite.

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MY chip off the old block, Charlie, played for Manchester United in a boys' game against Blackburn last weekend, and like any proud dad I was there on the touchline.
DAVID Beckham's youngest son proved a chip off the old block at an LA Galaxy open day.
KASPER SCHMEICHEL looked a chip off the old block as he kept out Wrexham to earn Bury an important point in their fight against relegation.
STUART BEAVON proved to be a chip off the old block as his two goals helped Didcot Town lift the FA Vase and claim a pounds 15,000 prize in a thrilling final at White Hart Lane.
This was Raw Gold, by Rahy out of Golden Thatch and a chip off the old block when it comes to speed and more-than-modest stamina.
Real chip off the old block of the week "APPLE was worried that this image that she had seen in Harry Potter was going to be in the room.
Jamie Fraser, 30, proved he was a chip off the old block when he and a pal held up bookies, off-licences and jewellers across South London with a hunting knife and gun.
NEW EastEnders bad boy Derek Branning shouldn't have to act too much if he's a chip off the old block.
DAN NELLIGAN, son of legendary Kerry goalkeeper Charlie, has moved quickly to dismiss rumours he's a chip off the old block.
Sir Alex is the master of late goals and Peterboro's manager showed he is a chip off the old block with erik Huseklepp's own goal.
Okay, so she's shown her devious side a few times, which has suggested she's a chip off the old block.
SUCCESSFUL Armagh boss Joe Kernan has introduced his son, Aaron, to the Orchard County's pre league panel - and he's provinh a chip off the old block.