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member of the Chinchillidae family of the order Rodentia.

Chinchilla brevicaudata
called also short-tailed chinchilla.


1. small, South American rodent, valued for its silver-gray fur. Called also Chinchilla laniger.
2. a breed of cat; see chinchilla cat.
3. a breed of rabbit; see chinchilla rabbit.
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They are also a very long-term commitment as they have a long potential lifespan, with some captive chinchillas having reached the grand old ages of 20 or even 30.
Their discovery proves that the arboreal chinchilla rat actually never went extinct.
Being a small animal, chinchillas require minimal amounts of food and water, so maintenance costs are also generally low.
Organized crime "continues to somehow weigh harshly on institution's stability and on the integrity of our nations," Chinchilla stressed.
We have developed and operated successive UCG gasifiers, a GTL demonstration plant, oxygen injection, coil tubing equipment, and a wastewater treatment plant at the Chinchilla facility.
Part of the president's domestic agenda includes a focus on infrastructure--roads and ports, particularly ports that border the Caribbean, Chinchilla said "We also need to cut down on the red tape for the business community," she added.
Initial testing with the hydrogen fuel cell unit at Linc Energy's Chinchilla Demonstration Facility was performed following successful trials at AFC UK facilities of mock syngas of comparative composition to that generated at the Linc Energy facility.
Elected in a landslide, Ms Chinchilla pledged new protections for the pristine parks and reserves that make the Central American nation first in the world for land preservation.
The two men congratulated Chinchilla on her apparent victory.
I am thankful for the good work of the outgoing government and thankful our country is again moving forward and refuses to allow this advance to stop," Chinchilla said after declaring victory to cheers from her supporters.
The three chinchillas must be adopted together as a family.
The 'Changeling' actress was snapped sporting a full-length chinchilla poncho along with a matching Russian style winter fur hat as she plays the role of Evelyn Salt, an outed Russian sleeper spy, in the upcoming thriller.