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The remaining mavericks descend from the chinaberry tree and resume a mundane existence in town.
The ensuing struggle for sobriety is the material of Karr's last memoir, Lit (which ends with her conversion to Catholicism), and of Crowell's 2001 album The Houston Kid and his own 2011 memoir, Chinaberry Sidewalks.
We've stripped away the nets of shriveled chinaberry vines, sweet autumn clematis, eased out every stem we wove into the lattice among cornstalks and bamboo seven days ago.
Response of the sweet potato whitefly, Bemisia tabaci, to the chinaberry tree (Melia azedarach L.
For pest control, it was used allowed products, such as: neem oil, chinaberry extract, bordeaux mixture, lime-sulfur, garlic extract and attractive traps.
Insect growth-disrupting and fecundity reducing ingredients from the neem and chinaberry trees 119-170 (In) MORGAN, E.
I enjoy using wood that people do not realize the beauty of until they see a bowl made from it," he says, citing such woods as sweet gum, mimosa, chinaberry, dogwood, and rock elm.
Chinaberry Sidewalks is narrated by the author and provides a fine memoir of the top musician's early childhood, his rise to fame despite violent beginnings, and his ongoing love for his family despite all obstacles.
It has many common names depending where it is growing such as Bead Tree, Chinaberry or Persian Lilac among others.