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Nathan, 20th-century U.S. biostatistician. See: Mantel-Haenszel test.
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Investigate the objects within the "chimney piece." What can you tell about the lives of the people in this work?
The tender document further states: "This is in relation to the carrying out of repairs to include restoration, cleaning, repair and replication of historic chimney pieces. Fire back and hearth works will form part of the chimney piece element.
In the vast reception room there are ornate chimney pieces and tall windows providing lovely views over the terrace and the parkland leading down to the lake to the east of the property.
The Bute family's small dinning room in the Bute tower also has the religious theme telling the story of Abraham in the stained glass windows and the chimney piece. I could only imagine picking fresh grapes hanging from a vine protruding from a hole in the middle of the table, as the Butes did, whilst admiring the ceiling which is a replica of the Alhambra Palace in Grenada, Spain.
Its features include an Indian room and corridor, presented to the Duke and Duchess by India as a wedding present, and a chimney piece in the smoking room designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens, the master architect of New Delhi.
The drawing room is a delightful room with the main feature being a wooden chimney piece housing a feature fireplace within.
Featured are a reception hall, 21ft through living room with fireplace and stove, spacious main lounge with brick chimney piece and study/dining room.
In the formal dining room, a bolection moulded painted fireplace with chimney piece takes pride of place.
mid to late 18th century) they come from Chippendale's The Gentlemen and Cabinet Director and show designs for a Toylet Table, a Chimney Piece, Ribband Back Chairs and Hall Chairs.
Here we are in the Winter Smoking Room - coloured walls; coloured carved chimney piece; stained-glass windows.