chimeric molecule

chi·mer·ic mol·e·cule

a molecule (usually a biopolymer) containing sequences derived from two different genes; specifically, from two different species. Compare: chimera.
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This analysis for the chimeric molecule of CYP21P/CYP21 in CYP21 deficiency demonstrated that in this case allele dropout from the analysis of the chimeric CYP21P/CYP21 gene was attributable to the lack of specific primers for this molecule in PCR amplification.
Therefore, we suggest that both unequal concentrations of two independent alleles as a template for PCR amplification and the lack of a primer that targets the chimeric molecule may lead to allele dropout in the detection of CAH mutations.
HepaVaxx B consists of a recombinant chimeric molecule containing the elements of both a hepatitis B viral antigen and a portion of a murine antibody.
By coupling a 2-5A molecule with a specific antisense oligonucleotide, a chimeric molecule is formed that has the capacity to target specific mRNA for rapid destruction.
Proteolytic Targeting Chimeric Molecules (PROTACs) Specific for Bromodomain-Containing Protein (BRD) 4 Are Active Against Pre-Clinical Models of Multiple Myeloma (Abstract #917)
So you have a molecule that essentially is genetically engineered and stitches together two different disparate kinds of activities so we have chimeric molecules.
Claude Bertrand, Ipsen's Executive Vice-President, Chief Scientific Officer said: "We are confident in the scientific rational of chimeric molecules as they can show enhanced biological activity compared to co-administered independent compounds.
Looking at all of this information together, it is clear that chimeric molecules can be created to degrade target proteins with high specificity and potency," commented Craig Crews, Ph.
this study raise the possibility that chimeric molecules can be
The Court found that Tm had met its contractual obligations to improve CPR sensitivity to one molecule, but by not providing Tm with the necessary chimeric molecules for continuing research, IDB denied Tm the opportunity of satisfying the contractual conditions for earning the contemplated U.
Using its proprietary DNA analysis and synthesis systems, PE Applied Biosystems is capable of developing chimeric molecules tailored to target specific genetic mutations implicated in a wide range of diseases.