chimeric antibodies

chi·mer·ic an·ti·bod·ies

antibodies that may have the FAB fragment from one species fused with FC fragment from another species.
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Our observation was in agreement with the previous 2 reports of chimeric antibodies with analogous specificity, albeit with different reactivity, vs those of the original antibody, because of immunoglobulin subclass (21, 22).
Unlike chimeric antibodies, an extensive structural homology is present between the hypervariable loops of the VH and VL domains found in camelids and the ones found in humans.
Antibodies to chimeric antibodies (HACA) may be directed against a wide variety of epitopes in both the antigen combining site or framework epitopes in both the constant and variable regions of the immunoglobulin molecule.
9] presented the treatment of a mouse model of chimeric antibodies which blocked the intracellular PRL-3 protein.
In addition, functional single chain antibodies, antibody fragments and chimeric antibodies may also be produced.
The challenge of this method lies in being able to distinguish the tryptic peptides from the vast repertoire of endogenous immunoglobulins present in human serum, which is easier for chimeric antibodies such as infliximab but can be more challenging for fully human antibodies such as adalimumab.
Chimeric antibodies have been introduced in some assays with a view to eliminate interference from anti-mouse antibodies (2).