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Any individual organism or molecule derived from 2 or more species.
An organism that results when an embryonic part of one organism is grafted onto another.

An organism with 2 or more cell lines, genotypes or karyotypes descended from at least 2 zygotes. Chimeras are very rare, only occur in twins and result from chorionic vascular anastomoses, transplantations or double fertilisations and subsequent participation of both fertilised meiotic products in one developing embryo; all hermaphrodites should be karyotyped to evaluate possible chimerism.

Molecular biology
(1) An animal formed from two different embryonic sources. In mouse genetics, targeted mutations produced in embryonic stem cells are recovered by breeding chimeric mice, resulting from the mixture of embryonic stem cells with a genetically distinct blastocyst.
(2) A clone containing genomic DNA from nonadjacent genomic segments or cDNA from two different mRNAs.

The term chimera was once used for a person who had received transplanted tissue—e.g., bone marrow surviving in a recipient.


  1. (also called graft-hybrid) an organism, usually a cultivated plant, whose tissues are of more than one genetical type as a result of mutation or grafting.
  2. a smooth-skinned cartilaginous deep-sea fish (‘king of the herrings’) of the subclass Holocephali, which were common in the Jurassic.
  3. a DNA hybrid molecule: a composite DNA molecule produced by GENETIC ENGINEERING, made up of DNA fragments from more than one organism. It is named after the Chimaera of Greek mythology, a beast with the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a serpent.

chimera, chimaera

1. a mythological, fire-spouting monster with a lion's head, goat's body and serpent's tail.
2. an animal whose body contains different cell populations derived from different zygotes of the same or different species, occurring spontaneously or produced artificially; i.e. an individual composed of a mixture of genetically different cells.

chimera protein
see fusion protein.
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In stark contrast to the White Paper however, the STC concluded that the creation of human-animal chimaera or hybrid embryos (specifically cytoplasmic hybrid embryos) is both desirable and necessary for research into, for instance, the genetic basis of disease and the use of stem cells in future cell-based therapy.
decepti sunt qui concipiunt per ens fictum distinctum contra ens ratum, aliquod unum, nam fictitium non est conceptibile, nisi ab intellectu errante, ut chimaera, sicut nec contradictoria; et ideo non habet ideam, nisi quia partes eius concipi possunt, sed ipsum non"; Reportata parisiensia, d.
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TVR is one of the few privately-owned car firms in the UK and specialises in manufacturing high-performance luxury vehicles such as the Chimaera and Griffith.
The fashion example was modelled by Chimaera charity co-driver wearing a printed leather outfit by Griffiths and Cicmanec to complement the car's interior.
Bottom of this year's league table, scoring just 10 points out of 100 was the pounds 30,000 TVR Chimaera, described by What Car?
It doesn't matter if you're behind the wheel of a C-reg rust-bucket Astra or a supersleek pounds 35,000 160mph TVR Chimaera.