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the human young, from infancy to puberty.
child abuse the nonaccidental use of physical force or the nonaccidental act of omission by a parent or other custodian responsible for the care of a child. Child abuse encompasses malnutrition and other kinds of neglect through ignorance as well as deliberate withholding from the child of the necessary and basic physical care, including the medical and dental care necessary for the child to grow up without threat to his or her physical and emotional survival. Examples of physical abuse range from burns and exposure to extreme cold to beating, poisoning, strangulation, and withholding of food and water. Members of the health care team should be alert for signs of child abuse and aware of the proper procedure for reporting suspected cases to local authorities.

Abusive parents come from all socioeconomic groups. Many have themselves been abused as children. They typically lack parenting skills and do not understand the normal developmental stages through which children progress and demand performance from their children that is clearly beyond a child's capability. Some engage in role reversal, looking to the child for protection and loving response, while at the same time denying the child satisfaction of his or her own needs. The majority of identified abusive parents are believed to want professional help in changing their behavior.
abused child/adult in the omaha system, a client problem in the psychosocial domain, defined as a child or adult subjected to nonaccidental physical or emotional injury.
autistic child a child suffering from autistic disorder.
exceptional child a child with special learning needs; he or she may have learning disabilities, be handicapped, or be gifted.
neglected child/adult in the omaha system, a client problem in the psychosocial domain, defined as a child or adult deprived of minimally accepted standards of food, shelter, clothing, and care.
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Acronym for congenital hemidysplasia with ichthyosiform erythroderma and limb defects.
Synonym(s): CHILD syndrome
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n. pl. children (chĭl′drən)
a. A person between birth and puberty.
b. A person who has not attained maturity or the age of legal majority.
a. An unborn infant; a fetus.
b. An infant; a baby.
3. A son or daughter; an offspring.

child′less adj.
child′less·ness n.
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Legal definition A person who has not attained the legal age for consent to treatment or procedures involved in research, as determined under the applicable law of the jurisdiction in which the research will be conducted
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A person who has not attained the legal age for consent to treatment or procedures involved in the research, as determined under the applicable law of the jurisdiction in which the research will be conducted Medtalk Pediatric patient. See Adopted-in child, Adopted-away child, Battered child, Chosen child, FLK, Latchkey child, Puppet child, Wednesday's child, The Wild Child.
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Patient discussion about child

Q. Could be – Arthritis in children?!? My son started to show symptoms similar to arthritis. But I know it’s a common disease in the elderly population. Could be arthritis in children?

A. You baffled me, I never thought about this idea before…children’s arthritis. So I looked up for information in the best site I know for pediatric care and here is what I found:

Q. Can cancer occur in young children? I heard that cancer happens more often as you get older. Can it happen to kids as well?

A. Cancer can happen in children, but the age of peak incidence of cancer in children occurs during the first year of life, in infants. The average annual incidence in the United States, 1975-1995, was 233 per million infants. Several estimates of incidence exist. In the U.S: Neuroblastoma comprised 28% of infant cancer cases and was the most common malignancy among these young children. The leukemias as a group represented the next most common type of cancer, comprising 17% of all cases.

Q. Is it ok not to want children? I am 33, and I know my bio clock is ticking, but I just don't want to have a child. At least not yet. Is there something wrong with me?

A. I agree with fatman, that's totally your decision.
If you feel that you're not ready yet, better to wait until you're more ready for that. Because having children is another big responsibility, and you will feel guilty if -for the sake of your age- you push yourself to have child, then morally you are not welcoming that child.

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The judge said: "This item is a doll of childlike quality and dimensions, with female breasts, that effectively make it obscene."
Mr Hargerty said his client believed he was ordering what was shown in a screengrab of an online advert and that it was for the judge to decide whether it was childlike.
In contemporary culture, playing is identified most specifically as an activity of children--or, therefore, a childlike activity of others.
"If you disturb the frontal lobes, for example through a head injury, you can lose some of those reflexes and become bloody-minded, or aggressive or childlike."
The book is a bit childlike: the teens act young for their age; the plot twists are a bit predictable; the adults are usually supportive rather than dismissive.
Fathom: Marlboro's fumes have/choked all sense from your brain/taste for language/laden with four-letter curses/sweetens your tongue/like roasted cacao beans.//Apparently sound reasons/cannot permeate thoughts/of a childlike man/prone to dealing tantrums like moody two-year-olds.//No need for sermons/or lectures on your wants/kindly leave those orders/for someone else.
Over the years, viewers have become accustomed to Mochetti's childlike obsession with cars, takeoffs, and explosions, and, at the same time, to his hyper-refined analysis of the immateriality and purity of form, as well as his use of laser beams.
Longfellow reduced Hiawatha to simple, childlike, infantile poetics (one needless to say that bore no resemblance to American Indian verse).
Father says "the meaning or theology of this prayer expresses the special honour of Mary and our childlike devotion to her powerful intercession as we journey through the problems of this life on earth.
The boy stated his reasons with childlike simplicity: "Of course I have no problem with being stopped by the police if I've done something wrong....
A heavy sleet is falling through the pines, but Lytton Musselman, a biologist at Old Dominion University, is oblivious as he races about with childlike glee.
A doctor, who favors euthanasia, was found who testified that she won't recover, although her parents insist she is capable of childlike reactions and might respond to proper therapy.