childhood disintegrative disorder

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childhood disintegrative disorder

severe regression including loss of bowel and bladder control in a previously normal child aged 2-10 years old.
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An idiopathic condition of toddlers which is characterised by rapid deterioration of mental and social functions and motor control
Aetiology Unknown
Management As for autism
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Q. Whether it`s possible for Bipolar disorder in children?

A. It is possible for children to suffer with bipolar disorder. It is a tricky diagnosis in children I would strongly suggest professional help when dealing with children with bipolar disorder.
I wouldnt trust the diagnosis of a GP, I would suggest getting a referal to a pediatric psychiatrist for a through evaluation and proper treatment

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Specialists in these disorders, as well as genetics, pharmacology, pathophysiology, neurology, neuroimaging, and other fields, from North America, Europe, and Japan, cover the history of autism; assessment; Asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified, childhood disintegrative disorder, and Rett syndrome; symptoms; causes; neuroanatomy and imaging; comorbidities; the role of the immune system; and traditional and alternative treatment approaches, including medication, complementary and alternative therapies, and behavioral, educational, and psychosocial treatments.
Childhood disintegrative disorder: Children with this disorder typically develop normally for two to four years before the condition, which resembles autistic disorder, arises.
A relatively acute onset of loss in social and language skills may prompt one to think about childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD).

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