childbirth preparation

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the act or process of making ready.
childbirth preparation in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as providing information and support to facilitate childbirth and to enhance the ability of an individual to develop and perform the role of parent.
surgical preparation in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as providing care to a patient immediately prior to surgery and verification of required procedures or tests and documentation in the clinical record.
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Raffle tickets will be distributed from 4 - 4:30 pm to all attendees for a chance to win free doula services, belly casting services, prenatal massage, prenatal chiropractic care, prenatal yoga, and childbirth preparation classes.
Childbirth preparation classes are designed to teach women how to reconnect with their bodies, understand the mechanisms of labor, cope with the intense and sometimes unparalleled agony and ecstasy of pain and pleasure and, sadly, in today's techno birthing age, how to be wary of medical procedures and avoid the ubiquitous cesarean surgery birth story.
Many resort hotels are already offering babymoon packages to expectant parents, complete with childbirth preparation classes and spa services.
Ajamu James Ayinde, Medical Hypnotherapist Sports improvement, childbirth preparation, stress, smoking and cancer support.
Some campuses offer childbirth preparation and childcare classes for new parents or parents-to-be.
With his knowledge gleaned from self-aid and buddy care, survival training, childbirth preparation classes and the television show "ER," Matthew said his biggest worry was the possibility of complications.
We evaluated how childbirth preparation incorporating hypnotic techniques affected the labor processes and birth outcomes of pregnant adolescents.
* Ask your doctor or nurse about participating in childbirth preparation and parenting classes.