child-bearing age

child-bear·ing age

the period in a woman's life between puberty and menopause.
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The Department of Health (DOH)-Bicol is inviting breastfeeding mothers, along with their babies, to attend the "Hakab na Bicol 2019", which aims to help educate all women of child-bearing age on the importance of giving breast milk only to infants until six months of age.
Children under five, adolescent girls and women of child-bearing age were the focus for collecting data on nutrition indicators, as well as data on access to water and its quality, hygiene and sanitation, food security and disability among children.
Improving nutrition levels for under-five children, adolescent girls and women of child-bearing age remains a major UK priority in Pakistan,' Reid remarked.
These findings are extremely meaningful for the VVC patient population, often of child-bearing age, and can differentiate oral ibrexafungerp against fluconazole, which has a warning for potential risks of spontaneous abortion and congenital abnormalities in its prescribing information."
On September 28 last year, the Supreme Court had lifted the traditional ban on the entry of women of child-bearing age into the temple.
figure By AGEWA MAGUT Use of cannabis by men of child-bearing age significantly alters their sperm and affects fertility, a new study has shown, re-igniting the age-old debate on the effects of the plant.
I once heard a business owner say on TV that he does not employ child-bearing age women.
Because Libtayo may harm a developing fetus, women of child-bearing age should use contraception while taking the drug, the agency said.
And while white Texans still make up the state's largest racial group, younger Texans and those of child-bearing age are more likely to be people of color.
Data from the Philippine Statistics Authority for 2016 showed that one in 10 women of child-bearing age was a teenager.
One large subcategory of people who would match the above criteria are women of child-bearing age. While I appreciate that increased oily fish in the diet will improve symptoms of dry eye, it is also important to be aware that I believe the NHS recommends that women of child bearing age should not consume more than two portions of oily fish a week due to the cumulative effect of pollutant build up and it's risk to any potential developing foetus.