child-bearing age

child-bear·ing age

the period in a woman's life between puberty and menopause.
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Our own survey revealed that 60 per cent of women said they faced discrimination when they became pregnant while 40 per cent of employers admitted avoiding employing women of a child-bearing age.
Do they not know that absolutely anyone, including them, can suddenly become ill and be unable to work, that absolutely anyone, including them, can have an accident and be unable to work, that absolutely anyone, including them, can suddenly lose their job or their business, that anyone of child-bearing age can have a disabled or ill child, that anyone can suddenly find themselves as a carer for someone else, that anyone can suddenly find themselves needing benefits and food banks.
Components of the Partnership for Prematurity Awareness program include 2014 Days of Gratitude, designed to thank the healthcare providers in the southeast Pennsylvania region who work every day with premature babies; public service announcements and public relations campaigns to raise awareness of prematurity; and multi-format awareness campaign for women of child-bearing age and their families.
are unplanned, it is important for women of child-bearing age to get enough folic acid.
It will support scaling-up of well proven maternal nutrition interventions for women of child-bearing age and sharpening the nutrition focus of ante-natal visits and provision of daily Iron Folic Acid supplementation during pregnancy.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Already pilloried for long wait times for medical appointments, the beleaguered Department of Veterans Affairs has fallen short of another commitment: to attend to the needs of the rising ranks of female veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, many of them of child-bearing age.
UKIP are a party who would scrap maternity pay and have suggested that employers are right not to employ women of child-bearing age.
One in 10 women of child-bearing age in Northern Ireland have the debilitating disease that can cause infertility, with one in 10 of those having a 'moderate-to-severe form'.
Women and girls of child-bearing age will have access to basic hygiene items, such as sanitary pads, underwear and soap, through the distribution of 105,000 "dignity kits" in evacuation centers.
Enaya (which means care in Arabic) will work with hospitals in the capital over the coming months to help them develop their own care programmes for all women of child-bearing age.
7 live births for every woman in the child-bearing age for 2010 and 2011.
This is the legal reality, although a widely cited government-funded study revealed that one in five Brazilian women of child-bearing age has had an abortion.