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Pregnancy and parturition.
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Directors were also asked about their views on their company's policy surrounding hiring women of child-bearing age.
Alongside bosses in Northern Ireland and Scotland, they had the lowest perceived levels of workplace discrimination against women of child-bearing age - at 14%, 13% and 16% respectively - revealing that discrimination against women of this age is not found at uniform levels in different regions in the UK.
Nationally, for women of child-bearing age who are pregnant or actively trying to become pregnant, physicians are the leading source of information about folic acid in the survey, increasing to 41 percent from 36 percent last year.
A woman's diet and lifestyle throughout her child-bearing years have a significant impact on her unborn child.
A spokesman for Eurostat said: "It seems probable that after 2000 there will be another decrease in births as the large numbers of women born in the mid-1960s baby boom move out of the peak child-bearing ages and are replaced by the smaller number of women born during 1965-1975.
22, 1997--The first study that examines IQ, language and behavior development in children of mothers who used Prozac(R) (fluoxetine hydrochloride) during pregnancy is being viewed by mental health experts as important data for women of child-bearing years who suffer from clinical depression.
A healthy life for all women of child-bearing age, clearly is a factor in minimizing birth defects," said Washington State Health Officer Mimi Fields, M.