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A dermatopathy due to cold, damp climates, i.e., in the UK; presumed due to prolonged arteriolar constriction
At risk groups Infants, elderly, alcoholics
Management Proper clothing, smoking cessation, corticosteroids
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Chilblains can affect anyone, but there are certain groups of people who are more likely to get them.
Let's look at why folk develop chilblains, and how they can actually be pretty dangerous to one client group.
* Other complaints included wet feet (40%), smelly feet (25%), blisters (21%) and chilblains (16%).
Bread poultices: "As hot as you could bear, used to cure numerous things such as chilblains, in-growing toenails, cuts and grazes."
First described by Henry Piffard in 1881, pernio (chilblains) is an abnormal inflammatory response to moisture and cold.1 Pernio develops in susceptible individuals who are exposed to nonfreezing cold.
It destroys Lice, stops Pain and Scars, cures Erysipelas, Frost Bites, Chilblains, neutralizes the Poison in Bites, Stings and from Ivy, instantly stopping all pain and swelling, cures Suppurating Sores, prevents mortification, destroys contagion of Small-Pox, Measles.
Devoted to exploring nutritional strategies and root causes of autoimmune illnesses, Rodriguez lives vibrantly despite her battle with lupus, Raynaud's, chilblains, food and environmental allergies - to name a few.
It explains why keeping moving; eating well; having your seasonal flu jab; checking whether you've had a "pneumo" jab; giving up smoking; protecting yourself from chilblains and keeping your spirits up can all help to improve your health.