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A dermatopathy due to cold, damp climates, i.e., in the UK; presumed due to prolonged arteriolar constriction
At risk groups Infants, elderly, alcoholics
Management Proper clothing, smoking cessation, corticosteroids
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It's important for your whole body to be warm," he continues, "because if one part gets cold, it tends to cause blood vessels to constrict in other parts of the body -- so you could have perfectly warm feet, but still get chilblains.
Other complaints included wet feet (40%), smelly feet (25%), blisters (21%) and chilblains (16%).
Clinical findings of pernio in the setting of lupus erythematosus is called chilblains lupus erythematosus.
Perniosis also called chilblains is an abnormal reaction to cold that presents in susceptible individuals.
The treatment of chilblains with nifedipine: the results of a pilot study, a double-blind placebo-controlled randomized study and a long-term open trial.
It explains why keeping moving; eating well; having your seasonal flu jab; checking whether you've had a "pneumo" jab; giving up smoking; protecting yourself from chilblains and keeping your spirits up can all help to improve your health.
It reminded me of having chilblains as a kid in a house with no central heating; the way we clung to the fire and took hot water bottles to bed and burned our feet on them.
They spend the whole winter complaining about Pac-A-Macs, precipitation, bronchitis, mucus, the cost of linctus, chilblains, heating bills and death from hypothermia.
IHAD been talking to our 13-year-old son about the best balm for chilblains, when an itch of sufficient intensity to have stirred a moan from a fibreglass Buddha erupted on the middle toe of my left foot - causing me to pause for an urgent scratch outside the sandstone wall guarding a perjink garden, where a winter bird was pecking at nuts in the tiny webbed bag left dangling from a pear tree.
When I got in the shower afterwards, I couldn't touch the water for chilblains.