chief ingredient

chief ingredient (chēf in·grēˑ·dē·nt),

n one of the four components in a typical Chinese herbal formula, which is responsible for treating the specific illness. See also deputy ingredient, assistant ingredient, and envoy ingredient.
References in classic literature ?
that they come pretty near to a knowledge of its chief ingredient.
She had a conviction that sooner or later the magnanimity which she persisted in reckoning as a chief ingredient of Clare's character would lead him to rejoin her.
As long as I have stood in the midst of human affairs," said the chair, with a very oracular enunciation, "I have constantly observed that Justice, Truth, and Love are the chief ingredients of every happy life.
A decision on whether to re-licence glyphosate, a chief ingredient in Roundup, will be taken by the European Commission by the end of the year.
A decision on whether to relicence glyphosate, a chief ingredient in popular product Roundup, will be taken by the European Commission by the end of the year.
The chief ingredient for soft drinks and rum was deemed more important by European standards.
The chief ingredient in our Mediterranean Cholesterol Formula (800-791-3395) is berberine.
The Board found that tea-based beverages could contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chief ingredient in marijuana.
Gu created these "microneedles" using the same hyaluronic acid that was a chief ingredient of the nanoparticles, only in a more rigid form so the tiny needles were stiff enough to pierce the skin.
In this issue of Health Management Technology, we devote special attention to the cyber attack on Anthem Insurance, the latest reminder that the chief ingredient of quality care--patient information--is highly coveted outside our industry by nefarious individuals, organizations and even foreign governments.
Here's the way it works: chefs select a chief ingredient and a cultural influence.
The whitish granules were found to predominantly contain palmitin acid, a chief ingredient of palm oil, said Sunday the Burgas environmental unit (RIOKOZ).

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