chief ingredient

chief ingredient (chēf in·grēˑ·dē·nt),

n one of the four components in a typical Chinese herbal formula, which is responsible for treating the specific illness. See also deputy ingredient, assistant ingredient, and envoy ingredient.
References in classic literature ?
that they come pretty near to a knowledge of its chief ingredient.
She had a conviction that sooner or later the magnanimity which she persisted in reckoning as a chief ingredient of Clare's character would lead him to rejoin her.
As long as I have stood in the midst of human affairs," said the chair, with a very oracular enunciation, "I have constantly observed that Justice, Truth, and Love are the chief ingredients of every happy life.
Featuring giant bales of wheat, the chief ingredient, the tribute to the iconic digestive biscuit was inspired by its inclusion in the recent Icons "A Portrait of England" poll for the Department for Culture, Media and Sport's Culture Online project.
Gordon Wasson, the fly agaric served also a chief ingredient of Soma, the divine drink mentioned in the Vedas, which rendered Indian gods immortal.
Name: Garlic Occupation: Chief ingredient of just about any Italian dish, with supposed benefits for the cardiovascular system.
And now it has become the chief ingredient in a delicious new scent.
The chemical is the chief ingredient in the illegal manufacture of methamphetamine.
Currently, wheat flour holds sway as the chief ingredient in commercial batter products.
Homage here is paid to a chief ingredient of successful foreign tax credit planning: the reduction of foreign taxes.
Though the century plant was the basis for alcoholic beverages in precolonial Mexico--bourbon, the corn booze, is a North American curse-corn was the chief ingredient in horchata, Mexico's most popular nonalcoholic drink before the arrival of soft drinks.
It's the chief ingredient in John Innes compost, an effective English potting mix.

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