chief executive officer

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chief executive officer (CEO, C.E.O.)

the most senior official of an organization or institution.

chief executive

The lead accountable officer in a particular NHS (UK) organisation, often understood to be the principle at a hospital trust.
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Paul Klaassen: Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Sunrise Senior Living, McLean, Va.
Bordelon, chief executive officer, E Federal Credit Union, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
will become chief executive officer of HC Benefits, succeeding Kelbel.
Mahoney, retired chairman and chief executive officer, Diebold, Incorporated, Canton, Ohio, renamed chairman.
Mark Brockbank, chief executive officer of Brockbank Group plc, will take early retirement effective at year end.
The Association of Lloyd's Members has appointed Anthony Young chief executive officer.
He joined Williams-Sonoma as chief executive officer in January 2003, and served on the board of directors from 1999 until leaving the company in July 2006.
Mueller, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Ameren Corporation, St.
Leerom Segal, President and Chief Executive Officer, Klick Communications - "Managing Expectations and Performance in an Organization";
Pietrini, president and chief executive officer, Queen City Federal Savings Bank, Virginia, Minnesota
Crane, president and chief executive officer of Crane Group, Columbus, Ohio, was appointed chairman of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland for 2007 and was reappointed to a three-year term as a Bank director.
Mahoney, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Diebold Inc.

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