chief cells

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chief cells


peptic cells

the gastric epithelial cells that release PEPSINOGEN.
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A, Centrally located chief cells with abundant eosinophilic cytoplasm surrounded by peripherally located slender, spindled sustentacular cells forming a nested (Zellballen) pattern separated by a prominent vascular network.
Furthermore, in the untreated control group, the gastric mucosa is intact and no observed ulceration seen with foveolar, parietal, and chief cells in normal conditions (Figure 3a).
Diameter of chief cells and oxyphil cells were measured under 100x objective with a horizontal eyepiece micrometre called "graticule." The graticule was calibrated with a stage micrometre.
In general, expression of all mitochondrial markers was significantly lower in chief cells than in epithelial and parietal cells (Figure 7), as expected.
The densities of the chief cells and the parietal cells were variable in the different layers, consequently, measuring the nucleus-glandular index in all the gland or a fixed measured area may be more accurate and easy to handling than measuring the cellar destinies of glands in random (Ofusori & Caxton-Martins).
The chief cells and the oxyntic cells can be made out in the gastric glands.
If a significant injury is introduced in cell cultures or in animal models, more chief cells become stem cells, making it possible to fix the damage.
The normal paraganglia consists of nests of chief cells (type1) and sustentacular cells (type 2).
In heavy drinkers, however the liver's chief cells -- called parenchymal cells -- can suffer such a severe damage that scar tissue forms, resulting in a condition known as cirrhosis.
PTH is synthesized by the chief cells in the parathyroid glands and stored in vesicles within these cells.
Histologically, pernicious anemia is characterized by gastric mucosal atrophy, selective loss of parietal and chief cells from the gastric mucosa, and submucosal lymphocytic infiltrate.
The chief cells of the stomach wall secrete at least two enzymes that function in digestion.

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