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An annual herb, the aerial parts of which contain mucilage, saponins and vitamin C; it has been used internally for bronchitis, pulmonary congestion, gastric ulcers, rheumatic complaints, and sore throat, and topically for abscesses, bites, cuts, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis
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(Stellaria media) This herbal preparation is widely used as a specific against inflammation.
Synonym(s): star chickweed.
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Gerard added Chickweed to pig lard and create a bright green soft unguent… 'soothing good for piles and festering scabs'.
January harvest includes chickweed, hickory nuts, black walnuts and sassafras root.
After which no more weeds are needed but it is time for the winter annual weeds like common chickweeds, annual bluegrass, henbit and deadnettle, and speedwell to start into growth.
I contacted my colleagues back on the farm, to suggest that it might be time to try marketing chickweed and lamb's-quarters again.
In his introduction to Chickweed Wintergreen, Staffan Soderblom emphasises that Martinson interpreted not only the unknown but also the "intimately familiar", using a poetic language that was regarded at the time as new (10).
Chickweed Wintergreen, newly selected and translated by Robin Fulton, is by far the largest single collection of Martinson's poems we've seen so far.
"Chickweed": Simple as any wish --/to take on into winter/such modesty, recalled/from the already dark/verges of summer:/those stars, sparse/and profuse, unparticular/yet keeping measure,/scintilla of the spirit,/white sparks that fly/upward to join/the very idea of spring.
I need bi-vocational nurses to tend my wounds and trim my mouse-ear chickweed. I need a new phrase to describe my audacious ribcage.
ask Diarmuid Hi Diarmuid Could you please give us some advice as our flower borders are covered in chickweed and we would be pleased if you could tell us how to get rid of it.
Common weeds like shepherd's purse, chickweed, and pigweed are all edible and nutritious.
Corinna Wood's relationship with herbal healing began 20 years ago when she learned how to eat wild plants such as chickweed and dandelion.