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Relating to a chiasm.
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The native body is fixed at the chiasmatic center of Catlin's canvas, which is the conceptual crux of national disavowal and identification.
The chiasmatic themes of architecture as frozen music and music as singing the architecture of the world run as leitmotifs through the histories of philosophy, music, and architecture.
Indeed, some scholars have seen a chiasmatic structure in several of Poe's prose works, and this certainly seems true of Pym, for instance.
With problems of chromosome idenfication come problems of distinguishing chiasmatic MI association from achiasmatic (= secondary) association.
The oft-cited scene in "The Killers" wherein George serves Al the bacon and eggs ordered by Max, and Max the ham and eggs ordered by Al, is equivalent to the King and Queen's chiasmatic greetings of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
The 'observation" (in the double sense of a visual and a verbal act) that constitutes the recent Curnow poem comes to depend upon a chiasmatic structure, a crossing over and back between word and world, and between the site of the object and the sight of the subject.
Andrzej Warminski contends that such chiasmatic environments are not blandly or neutrally ambiguous but are sites of "radically undecidable difference," a distinction that also illuminates the enigma of meeting (qtd.
Chiasmatic and hypothalamic gliomas (Figure 23) are seen predominantly in the first decade of life and 20-50% of these patients have neurofibromatosis I.