chi gong

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(1) A Chinese form of self-healing said to stimulate and balance the flow of qi (chi; vital energy) through meridians (energy pathways), which involves contemplation, visualisation (imagery), assumption of postures, and stylised breathing and body movements. Gong is Mandarin for breathing (kung in Cantonese); qigong/chikung variously translates as breathing exercise, to work the vital force, practising with breath, or working with the energy of life. It consists of energy mastering exercises. 
(2) The body of ancient Chinese and 20th-century thought which encompasses qigong/chikung therapy/exercise. The exercise is analogous to yoga, and combines movement, meditation and breath regulation as a means of enhancing the flow of qi (chi; the vital life energy) along acupuncture meridians. Qigong has two major components: internal (soft) qigong, in which the qi is manipulated within one’s own body through exercise, and external (hard) qigong, in which the qi is projected to another person. Qigong is believed by its advocates to improve circulation, decrease pulse, respiration rate and oxygen consumption, and enhance immune function; it is believed to be effective in treating hypertension and gastrointestinal complaints (e.g., ulcers, constipation).
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In a tete-a-tete on the eve of the workshop, Ania told TheWeek, that her mission in Oman is simply to teach people how to attain mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing by learning to practice Chi Gong. "I learnt Chi Gong 11 years ago in Ukraine and have been connected to it ever since.
Explaining that Chi Gong is different from alternate therapies like Yoga, which involves a series of 'asanas' (postures) or Tai Chi, which is a disguised form of martial arts with gentle dance movements, Ania said Chi Gong is actually the base of all martial arts.
Ania disclosed that exponents of Chi Gong mainly learn to balance their own energies in order to attain mental, physical and spiritual health.
During the 15-week semester, the class received demonstrations in bodywork, including massage, tai chi, chi gong, cranial-sacral therapy, and guided imagery.
In the holistic approach to health, Oriental exercises such as yoga, tai chi and chi gong are favoured as they involve every tissue, joint and organ, bringing blood and energy to all parts of the body.
The spa offers Yoga, breathing and relaxation, meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Gong classes.
Yet Falun Gong, which combines Taoist and Buddhist religious beliefs with the practice of tai chi (stylist exercises) and chi gong (breathing exercises), is to all appearances nonviolent and apolitical.
A chapter on Chi Gong, "the manipulation of vital energy," generally called Chinese traditional medicine, is of particular interest.
Obsidians: Chi Gong & Meditation hike, Brice Creek, 6.7 miles, 1,400 feet of elevation gain, leader Becky Lipton.
"We know very little about what methods can be used to treat these health problems from stress and will use different ways, such as physical training, tai chi, chi gong and psychiatric treatment to see what works."