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chewing tobacco

A form of smokeless tobacco sold as a shredded product, in contrast to dipping tobacco in which the tobacco leaves are ground.

Health effects
Oral cancer; often disfiguring due to heroic surgery.
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Chewing tobacco. See Smokeless tobacco.
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The mats also may be used to keep your dog from getting bored when left alone (not recommended for a persistent or aggressive chewer!).
Hanniball is an excellent toy for aggressive chewers. His open mouth is a great place to hide kibble, treats or even peanut butter.
Prevalence of oral submucous fibrosis among habitual gutkha and areca nut chewers in Moradabad district.
The town put up warning signs and spitting bins in public places to accomodate momma chewers. It sent the signal that Lamut town officials, many of whom are momma chewers themselves, care for their citizens.
chewers who started the habit before the age of 25 years showed an higher risk with an OR of 4.5 as compared to those who started the habit after 25 years [Table 3].
Betel quid chewers must be screened for precancerous lesions, cancer and metabolic dysfunction, and encouraged to quit chewing.
In a case-control study, the highest risk of calculated incidence for oral cancer among BQ chewers with both smoking and drinking habits was 123-fold (95% CI 17.1-880.5) compared with abstainers [10].
With similar dimensions to a smartphone, Mega Packs are intended to be easily stored in a purse, pocket or backpack, going anyplace gum chewers go.
Comparative study on lipid profile in tobacco chewers and nontobacco chewers.
Dubai introduced these new fines and hiked some of the existing ones in a major crackdown on litterbugs, beetel leaf (paan) chewers, spitters and other offenders violating rules on waste management and cleanliness.
They're designed to occupy active chewers, cleaning teeth, removing tartar build up and promoting gum health.
Tons of the sticky stuff is discarded every day by thoughtless chewers and it costs councils PS60million a year to clear up.