chest radiology

chest ra·di·ol·o·gy

the clinical subspecialty concerned with the diagnostic radiology of diseases of the thorax, especially of the heart and lungs.
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Chapters cover the physiology and pathophysiology of common respiratory, cardiac, and surgical conditions relevant to entry-level physical therapy students; assessment topics like clinical decision making, patient interviews, chart review, physical examination, the interpretation of lab tests, chest radiology, pulmonary function testing, mobility and exercise testing, electrocardiogram interpretation, and oxygen therapy and mechanical ventilation; and management topics like adult and patient education, breathing strategies and exercises, positioning, airway clearance techniques, and mobilization and exercise training for hospitalized patients and those in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.
The records of all patients were reviewed taking in account the complete clinical history, clinical examination and chest radiology.
The team is headed by Dr Heshan Panditaratne, a consultant radiologist who specialises in nuclear and chest radiology.
Authored by the eminent Micheal Ellis and Christopher Flower, it is a short, lucid text on adult chest radiology, with over 400 high-quality images.
Henschke, chief of chest radiology at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Cornell University, New York.
However, an even greater source of irritation leading up to the process is the oft-repeated misconception that chest radiology is only for those who want to spend their careers in the ivory tower.
Each disc was interpreted randomly by two radiologists who have an interest in chest radiology, and a consensus reached.
The opening chapter explains basic concepts of chest radiology and the next two chapters present basics for understanding normal and abnormal chest radiology.
Imaging methods covered include chest radiology, transthoracic and transesophageal echocardiography, 2-D and Doppler echocardiography, cardiac computed tomography (CT), cardiac magnetic resonance (MR), angiography, and nuclear cardiology techniques.