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(1) A popular term for the practice by insurers of selling policies to those who do not need them, then dropping those who are insured when they do need the policies
(2) A highly colloquial term for the acceptance of patients based solely on their ability to pay—i.e., with insurance or cash—while turning away the indigent or poor
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My fear is that it will allow the private-sector to cherry-pick the easy services it can deliver at a profit, such as care for the elderly, and reap the benefits.
In an interview, Xixu Sun, chief retail banking officer at Bank of China UK Ltd, said, 'Before the financial crisis you didn't have a choice, you couldn't cherry-pick the good customers.
Hunt Transport successfully designed a program, Better Health for Life, that did not cherry-pick participation based on motivation.
MG and Rover car enthusiasts have called on the Government to halt any plans by Chinese car maker SAIC to 'cherry-pick' assets from Longbridge.
Additionally, Minneapolis does not cherry-pick the most sought after commodities.
Since most Japanese are not dogmatically religious, tending to cherry-pick aspects of Buddhism, Shintoism and Christianity, wedding ceremonies are not so firmly tied to particular places of worship.
Advertisers will be able to cherry-pick markets rather than taking a panregional buy.
It would be a while before the world caught up--and before the bigger media players started to cherry-pick our articles.
Most of the families of Chad students make between just $10,000 and $30,000 a year, and the school does not cherry-pick only the top students for enrollment.
Dog-loving Alderman Ray Lopez demanded Monday that Chicago's chronically-troubled Animal Care and Control shelter stop allowing animal rescue organizations to "cherry-pick purebred or premium" animals picked up by city crews.
They believe a rise will encourage more cabs on to the road in the early hours, discourage the urge for cabbies to cherry-pick fares and also enable drivers to invest in the new electric London EV taxi.
Isn't this firm evidence that Christians cherry-pick the Bible to justify their every act of kindness?