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Reginald Crundall, English geneticist, 1875-1967.
Punnett square - a grid used in genetics. Synonym(s): checkerboard
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For the new album, inset, Chequerboard drew on his improvisational live shows and spent less time experimenting with sounds by himself.
In his work Chequerboard makes use of what he calls 'found sounds', which involves using a dictaphone or tape recorder to record naturally occurring sounds, and incorporating them into his music.
In the new block, with its regimented chequerboard facades of opaque and clear glass, four floors of cellular offices are topped by a debating chamber that overlooks the city, symbolically overseeing the citizens it serves.
Buildings are arranged in a chequerboard formation, as opposed to pavilions marooned in space, each with a discrete external area that can be productively used for sport, games or gardening with a minimum of supervision.
With its geometric, chequerboard floor, blood red walls and midnight blue ceiling studded with sparkling spotlights, the heroically scaled foyer is an attempt to recreate the glamour and escapism of old cinemas, as well as process large crowds efficiently.
The main street frontage and short side elevations are embellished with a chequerboard pattern of blue and light grey render.
A chequerboard of small-size defensible spaces, without rigidity, aims to maximise social control.