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n plants that are practically indistinguishable from one another in appearance but are nevertheless unique in their composition and therefore are used to treat distinct diseases.
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Identification of a new chemotype in Cannabis sativa: cannabigerol-dominant plants, biogenetic and agronomic prospects.
All previous compounds have been discontinued due to inadequate selectivity and the Heptares agents represent novel chemotype, first-in-class product candidates.
Anacyclus Pyrethrum EO from Algeria is dominated by germacrene-D and defined by the germacrene-D chemotype (Selles, 2012; Selles et al, 2013).
During the collaboration Carmot will apply its proprietary Chemotype Evolution to discover novel drug leads for two targets selected by Amgen.
A final intricacy of an essential oil's action to consider is its chemotype or distinct plant population within the same species.
Note: This chemotype is said to be best used for pulmonary congestion, slow elimination, candida, chronic fatigue, and infections (especially staph and strep).
At the time, the tetrazole chemotype (rightmost above) was pursued and patents based on this scaffold were filed.
In 1923 AR Penfold at the then Technological Museum in Sydney discovered the high germicidal activity of the steam distilled essential oil and established that the activity was largely associated with terpinen-4-ol, the major component of one chemotype which is now grown commercially in northern NSW (10).
tomentosa exist; only the POA chemotype is immunomodulating.
Lebot's studies have focused on the chemical composition, or chemotype, of various kava plants.
Hence, it is imperative that studies reporting the biological properties of an essential oil are accompanied by a chemical fingerprint to document the specific chemotype which will allow the results to be appropriately discussed and provide a basis for future research.