Any of several compounds that inhibit the functioning of a particular cellular glycoprotein and make cells, especially tumor cells, sensitive to chemotherapeutic agents.
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Due to these properties, MJ may act also as a chemosensitizer to chemotherapics and help to overcome drug-resistance [17, 19]; as seen in Table 3, MJ significantly reduced the I[C.sub.50] values of chemotherapeutic agents with which it was combined.
Further preclinical testing will address whether some or all these in vitro effects are also seen in vivo and whether FANCF could be developed into an effective and safe chemosensitizer of breast cancer.
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22 February 2011 - France-based pharmaceutical company AB Science SA (EPA: AB) announced yesterday publication in The Veterinary Journal of results from a preclinical study showing that masitinib has potential as a chemosensitizer.
CHQ also has potential for use as a chemosensitizer in cancer in conjunction with some conventional antineoplastic agents.
In preclinical studies, OGX-427 has shown to significantly reduce levels of Hsp27, induce apoptosis in several cancer cell lines, has single agent anti-tumour activity, and acts as a chemosensitizer with several cytotoxic drugs, including docetaxel.
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CAST (Chemotherapy Active Support Technology) is a multivalent all-natural vegetarian formula acting as a chemosensitizer and an inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) as well.