chemical sampling

chem·i·cal sam·pling

a sample that is obtained by whatever means is convenient and then purified of irrelevant elements before analysis; the assumption of thorough mixing is not necessary.
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Your roadmap is each agency's technical manual governing the particular sampling involved (for instance, OSHA has its Technical Manual, as well as a Chemical Sampling Information (CSI) file and Field Operations Manual).
Then microbial and chemical sampling was performed in the selected villages (50 villages), so that for testing two samples from each selected villages were collected, one from the distributing network (tap) and another from the water storage.
For three decades, Jonathan's in-depth reporting swelled our pages with detailed accounts of planetary science--not the heroics of astronauts or the politics of funding, but what scientists were turning up from sensors and imaging and chemical sampling. An indomitable reporter, Jonathan would camp out for weeks (sometimes on his own dime) at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to make sure he heard everything.
The work is to include preliminary assessments/site inspections, subsurface exploration, chemical sampling and analysis, groundwater modeling, hazard evaluation and fate and transport analysis.
The Corps reviewed environmental assessments prepared by MARAD and reports related to cultural-resource surveys and effects, fish and benthos sampling, geotechnical and seismic, chemical sampling and testing, hydrodynamics, Cook Inlet beluga whales and mitigation.
In this case, infrequent chemical sampling and analysis is an accepted practice because of excellent raw material quality control.
* CBRN detection and biological and chemical sampling.
Applications include weighing, chemical sampling, histology, forensic and pharmaceutical.
"If you start with the first three steps, you'll be in a better position to learn where you'll need to collect samples, and whether biological or chemical sampling, or both, are necessary," he says.
EPA's test method 625 requires measurement down to the parts-per-billion range in chemical sampling. Most GC-MS systems can measure to these levels, but you have to shut them down after five to 10 days for maintenance, which itself takes a day or two.