chemical reaction

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chemical reaction,

n rearrangement of atoms or ions accompanying energy change. A catalyst, such as heat or an enzyme, may alter the rate of reaction.
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Four workers were taken to hospital earlier last month after a chemical reaction at the Biochemica UK plant.
That's because the magnetic field's direction also determines how quickly electrons lose their coordination, further enhancing the difference in the chemical reaction rates based on the bird's direction in the magnetic field.
The international team aims at electronically controlling chemical reactions from the inside, rather than aiding them via large interface structures from the outside.
CW3: Chemical reactions involve rearranging atoms to form new substances; during a chemical reaction, mass is not created or destroyed.
The experiment involved the preparation of two closely related molecules that were specifically designed to undergo a chemical reaction known as fluorescence resonance energy transfer, or FRET.
In many chemical engineering processes, there does occur the chemical reaction between a foreign mass and the fluid in which the plate is moving.
Capability: The chemical reaction engineering module for Comsol Multiphysics software creates a single environment where engineers and scientists can simulate a wide assortment of material transport and chemical reactions under different operating conditions.
UV rays drive a chemical reaction in the indicator, releasing an acid into a dye, and causing it to change colour.
UV rays drive a chemical reaction in the indicator, which releases an acid into a dye, causing it to change colour.
We're not transforming electricity into a fuel, it's a chemical reaction.
A firefly's light is produced by a chemical reaction involving a special protein, a pigment called luciferin, and oxygen.
When a microorganism metabolizes a carbon source, an irreversible chemical reaction occurs, and the intensity of the purple color formed in each well over time is analyzed and compared to a database for identification.

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