chemical prophylaxis

chem·i·cal pro·phy·lax·is

the administration of chemicals or drugs to members of a community to reduce the number of carriers of a disease and to prevent others contracting the disease.
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Death and thromboembolic disease after THR- A series of 1162 cases with no routine chemical prophylaxis.
All acute spinal cord injured patients and patients who are undergoing rehabilitation who become critically ill may benefit from receiving chemical prophylaxis for stress ulceration.
Some feel that the ACCP is too aggressive in promoting chemical prophylaxis in light of the rarity of pulmonary embolus.
Probably more important than any type of mechanical compression or chemical prophylaxis [in preventing bleeding and venous thromboembolic events] is our emphasis on getting patients out of bed on postoperative day zero," Dr.
If the goal was to control the spread of disease medically, the solution lay in prevention (such as supplying soldiers with K-packet chemical prophylaxis kits) and the "American Plan" (which included testing prostitutes and arresting infected women for detention and treatment).
Presently, there is no available commercial vaccine against heartworm infection, and the current control strategies entail chemical prophylaxis for dogs and cats or chemotherapy for dogs.
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