chemical potential

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chem·i·cal po·ten·tial (μ),

a measure of how the Gibbs free energy of a phase depends on any change in the composition of that phase.

chem·i·cal po·ten·tial

(kem'i-kăl pŏ-ten'shăl)
A measurement of how the free energy of a phase depends on any change in the composition of that phase.
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As described earlier in this article, the driving force of water absorption of water swellables is the chemical potential difference between swellable elastomer and surrounding fluid.
The Fischer-Tropsch process operates at elevated pressures; the ideal gas model for chemical potential is not expected to be valid.
The correlation of the binary VLE data was performed using thermodynamic conditions at equilibrium where the chemical potentials are equal.
In Equation (16) the residual chemical potential [[mu].
To obtain the values shown in Table 4, we first predicted the Flory-Huggins interaction parameter between methanol and each polymer, and then, by using the relationship between the chemical potentials of the liquid and the polymeric phase, we calculated the equilibrium concentration when solutions of 12 gol/l and 18.
Vrentas and Duda expressed a functional relation among the mutual diffusion coefficient, chemical potentials and self-diffusion coefficients of a polymer/small molecule system by (30)
This was carried out by equating the chemical potentials of C[O.
Variations of the chemical potentials of the constituents with composition during sorption have been calculated from the Gibbs-Duhem equation:
Mathematical Expression Omitted], [Mathematical Expression Omitted] = Chemical potentials of a component i in liquid and vapor phases, respectively, J/kmol.

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