chemical modification

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chem·i·cal mod·i·fi·ca·tion

alteration in the structure of a molecule, typically a macromolecule such as a protein, by chemical means; often, the covalent addition by some reagent.
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Novation-technology starches are unique in providing the functionality of a modified starch - without chemical modification.
The research was based on the chemical modification of the surface of sodium montmorillonite nanoparticles, identification of the obtained nanocatalyst, and its application as a heterogeneous nanocatalyst in various organic reactions, he said.
Speakers will cover such topics as historical perspectives and market trends; recycling processes, applications of recycled rubber, testing and chemical modification of recycled rubber.
Thirty contributors have jointly written the 23 chapters whose titles are: Introduction to industrial gums; Conformational origins of polysaccharide solution and gel properties; Chemical modification of gums; Biosynthesis of extracellular polysaccharides (exopolysaccharides); Agar; Algin; Carrageenan; Guar, locust bean, tara and fenugreek gums; Aloe, chia, flaxseed, okra, psyllium seed, quince seed and tamarind gums; Pectin; Hemicelluloses; Exudate gums; Xanthan, gellan, welan and rhamsan; Dextran; Curdlan; Pullulan; Scleroglucan; Methylcellulose and its derivatives; Hydroxyalkyl and ethyl esters of cellulose; Sodium carboxymethylcellulose; Starch-based gums; Chitin; and Analysis of gums in foods.
vice president of molecular genetics and biophysics and chief scientific officer at Integrated DNA Technologies, explored chemical modification patterns compatible with high potency 27-mer DsiRNAs.
These functionalized porous materials are used in catalysts, separation processes, chemical modification of chemical sensors etc.
In this collection of articles contributors describe their research into the basic science behind those processes and projects intended to design electrode surfaces through deliberate chemical modification.
But research by De Keukeleire and his colleagues has revealed that this chemical modification of the iso-alpha acids doesn't entirely prevent light-induced off flavors.
Beholz's technology, the coating, bonding and chemical modification of polyolefin plastics was generally cost prohibitive and produced potentially dangerous chemical byproducts.
What types of chemical modification have been applied and how successful have these been?
Foerch, Max Planck Institute; and "Selective chemical modification of porous materials and films for bio-medical applications," P.
Essentially, they applied a combination of chemical modification and enrichment methods, and new fragmentation technology to proteins that comprise the cell division machinery in order to figure out and analyze their molecular makeup, identifying more than 150 sites where the sugar molecule known as O-GlcNAc was attached.