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However, any chemical matricectomy, cannot be definite as it is most likely to be uncontrolled, will either be more or suboptimal.
Controlled trial comparing the efficacy of 88% phenol versus 10% sodium hydroxide for chemical matricectomy in the management of ingrown toenail.
Chemical matricectomy is such an ideal method fulfilling all these criteria and producing excellent results in all stages and even in recurrent ingrown toenails14.
Sodium hydroxide chemical matricectomy for the treatment of ingrown toenails: comparison of three different application periods.
In another study looking at chemical matricectomy, Dr.
Objectives To compare the results of surgical treatment of ingrowing toenail with nail excision with chemical matricectomy versus nail excision alone.
In group I patients, nail avulsion with chemical matricectomy with 88% phenol was done.
Daniel performs a chemical matricectomy in nearly all patients after making sure that the surgical field is dry and bloodless.