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func·tion (f),

1. The special action or physiologic property of an organ or other part of the body.
2. To perform its special work or office, said of an organ or other part of the body.
3. The general properties of any substance, depending on its chemical character and relation to other substances, according to which it may be grouped (for example, acids, bases, alcohols, esters).
4. A particular reactive grouping in a molecule, for example, a functional group, such as the -OH group of an alcohol.
5. A quality, trait, or fact that is so related to another as to be dependent on and to vary with this other.
6. A mathematic variable or expression.
[L. functio, fr. fungor, pp. functus, to perform]
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The Sekisui Chemical Group consists of Sekisui Chemical Co, Ltd.
For his part, URT secretary general accused Mohsen Marzouk of launching an election campaign ahead of the electoral events by bringing together young people from the El Habib city, calling for a rally in order to trigger clashes with the trade unionists of the chemical group.
During August, 2009 the Chemical Groups contributed 19.78% of total imports in which the share of Chemical (excl.
Sekisui Chemical Group, based in Japan, has more than 200 companies operating in 20 countries.
Sun Chemical Corp., Parsippany, N.J., is a subsidiary of Sun Chemical Group B.V., the Netherlands, the world's largest producer of printing inks and pigments.
Silver ions initially bind to the polymers' chemical groups. If left as such, the ions would leach out quickly on contact with moisture, and "you'd lose them within a day," says Rubner.
Shares in Midland speciality chemical group W Canning soared yesterday after the company revealed that it had received a bid approach.
Himont, Wilmington, DE, and the Chemical Group of Monsanto, Charlotte, NC, have successfully concluded a five-year collaboration to develop and market Monsanto's "Phos-Chek" P-40 fire retardant and Himont's "Spinflam" MF82 halogen-free flame retardant additives.
12 December 2018 - Italian specialty chemical group Italmatch Chemicals has signed an agreement to acquire BWA Water Additives, a global provider of water management solutions for the oil and gas, industrial water treatment and desalination industries, the company said.
Italmatch is a global specialty chemical group leader in the production and marketing of industrial lubricants, performance additives for water and process treatment, oil and gas and plastics,
The president of SOS BIAA considers that the level of pollution by the particles is worrying pointing at the industrial activities of the Tunisian Chemical Group specialized in the production of chemical fertilizers.

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