chemical evolution

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chem·i·cal ev·o·lu·tion

the theory of the process by which life arose from inorganic matter.
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Identifying and characterizing chemically these rare breed of stars will certainly shed light on the early chemical evolution of the Galaxy and the nature of the first stars," the authors concluded.
The collaboration will build upon DiCE's technology platform, which leverages the power of directed chemical evolution to select and optimize low molecular weight compounds against pharmaceutical targets, such as protein-protein interfaces.
The very location of Ceres at the boundary between the inner and outer solar system, between Mars and Jupiter, give it an "intriguing composition characterized by clays, sodium-carbonates and ammonium-carbonates, suggest a very complex chemical evolution.
Through both centuries, CS authors have consistently accepted stabilizing selection, have rejected NS as a factor in prebiotic chemical evolution and the evolution of biological complexity, and have disagreed as to whether to accept convergent evolution, directional selection, sexual selection, and NS as a driver of biological diversity within "created kinds.
They are the main production sites of the heavy elements in the Universe, drive galactic dynamic and chemical evolution, and produce exotic remnants such as black holes and neutron stars.
Oxygen and other compounds interact with both chocolate and wine over time, continuing the process of chemical evolution for months, years, and, in some cases, decades.
A comprehensive discussion of the chemical evolution of the atmosphere follows, then an overview of the climate change and climate system with details on cloud and precipitation chemistry.
These stars drive the chemical evolution of our galaxy.
3, on a supercomputer of the North-German Supercomputing Alliance and by using the star's abundance patterns, the scientists have performed cosmological simulations which included the dynamics of gas and dark matter as well as the chemical evolution.
Chemical evolution on Earth lead to the formation of complicated crystals, which compose almost the whole of its mantle; however, these are again blind alleys because of the limited variability of their composition and the limited mobility of their components.
The 61 papers look at low-z mergers and starbursts, merger dynamics and simulations, mergers in galaxy evolution, merging and active galactic nuclei, high redshift merging and sub-millimeter galaxies, active galactic nuclei/starburst feedbacks, chemical evolution, and results from new surveys.
Colorado: Similar to the Arizona bill, this measure, House Bill 13-1089, would have directed teachers to "create an environment that encourages students to intelligently and respectfully explore scientific questions and learn about scientific evidence related to biological and chemical evolution, global warming, and human cloning.
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