chemical equation

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chem·i·cal e·qua·tion

an equation on one side of which are the reactants and on the other side of which are the products of a chemical reaction; the two halves may be separated by an equals sign or by arrows.
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When interpreting the chemical equation for the reaction between aqueous sodium hydroxide and dilute nitric acid, 20% of students appeared to hold the view that [Na.
All I remember of chemistry is that the two sides were somehow supposed to mathematically match or otherwise be equal, and because of the aforementioned deficiencies, my chemical equations lacked a certain quantitative consonance.
The doctor did not create a formula or invent a chemical equation.
Students should be led to understand that a chemical equation represents the outcome of a sequence of two-particle collisions.
As 6-year-old Brooke Wagner and father David Wagner wandered into the conference room at the Science Factory, Randy Sullivan, a chemistry instructor at the University of Oregon, was discussing the merits of a chemical equation with a few others.
It really bugs me when I see people substituting equal signs, double-headed arrows or anything else they can think up to indicate our beloved double-harpoon arrows in a chemical equation.
Analysts have raised the company's estimates over the past month, which could mean that SIAL could be a useful ingredient for the chemical equation of strong returns.
Students can also explore new animated biology simulations and interact with a new chemical equation balancer.
These back-woodsmen didn't rely on chemical equations.
But suddenly, the Play Doh has been replaced by plaster of Paris for an A-level art sculpture, currently occupying half the kitchen, picture books by metaphysical poetry, and the laptop is jammed with chemical equations I'll never hope to comprehend.
This general chemistry textbook introduces the structure of an atom, the periodic table, ionic and covalent bonds, chemical equations, phases of matter, solutions, chemical reaction concepts, acid-base chemistry, and basic nuclear chemistry.
Relationships are like chemical equations," psychology expert Kerolos Bahgat said.

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