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1. pertaining to chemistry.
2. a substance composed of chemical elements, or obtained by chemical processes.
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Relating to chemistry.
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Obstetrics A formula that allows comparison of the efficacy of contraceptive methods, calculated as the pregnancy rate in population divided by 100 yrs of exposure. See Breast feeding, Coitus interruptus, Condoms, Morning-after pill, Contraception, Natural family planning, Norplant, Rhythm method, RU 486.
Pearl index–pregnancies/100 years of use
Physiologic 15-30/100 years: Coitus interruptus, natural family planning (rhythm or safe period), eg calendar method, evaluation of cervical mucosa or temperature, breast feeding
Chemical 15-20/100 years: Contraceptive sponges
Barrier 2-20/100 years: Intrauterine devices, condoms
Hormonal 1-3/100 years
Surgical << 1/100 years: Ligation of fallopian tubes, vas deferens  
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Relating to chemistry.
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Q. How do you know when depression is chemical or situational? I've been feeling frustrated lately and while I think I show some signs of depression I think it is more a feeling down because of recent changes in my life. Every time I have seen a professional they all want to start me on some drug and having really seen no improvement over the years I swore off them years ago. When is it depression or "My life sucks right now"?

A. Thank you Johanna for sharing this with us.

Q. ADHD medications work on these brain chemicals? Hope you all know about the different types of brain chemicals, so the ADHD medications work on these brain chemicals?

A. Yes Alexzander. The active ingredients in the common ADHD medications are amphetamines. The amphetamines artificially increase the amount of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, speeding up the brain (thus the term “speed” for amphetamines). This makes the frontal area more active, at least while the drug is acting.

Q. How do you tell the difference between chemical burns, and burns from fire? Please don't spare on gross words i would like to know everything there is to burns.

A. Here is a ton of info on both-

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This study was designed to test the hypothesis that bacterial phosphate uptake is controlled primarily by the chemical environment (e.
McDermott co-authored a Science paper on the investigation, which concluded that magnetite retains its stable structure in spite of these irregularities thanks to a mechanism that redistributes cations in response to the surrounding chemical environment. This observation sheds new light on the single-atom action that drives processes such as heterogeneous catalysis, hydrogen production and drug delivery, where iron oxides already have an important role.
They can detect the chemical environment and they can 'feel' their physical surroundings using ultrasensitive sensors.
In the presence of a chemical environment, including air and water, which are aggressive chemical environments to some materials, the environment is absorbed and penetrates the micro-structure of the polymer, when a tensile stress is present.
Earlier this year, a report by Mike Brown, an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology, and Kevin Hand from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said Europa's salty ocean beneath its frozen surface suggests there is a chemical exchange between the ocean and surface, making it a rich chemical environment.
Soldiers need to train with JSLIST because that will be what protects them In a chemical environment. I see units still training with the old battle dress overgarment MOPP gear.
The textbook introduces graduate students to the function and structure of estuarine ecosystems, looking in turn at the physical, geological, and chemical environment; primary producers including microbes; consumer organisms; and emergent holistic properties of estuaries.
"The streams in Iceland are all very similar, in terms of their physical and chemical environment, but maintain very different temperatures to each other all year round," the study's lead author, Dr Daniel Perkins was quoted as saying.
Contributors describe their work in integral equation theories (including bridge functions and applications to classical fluids), the chemical environment of ionic liquids (including the links between liquid structure, dynamics and solvation), counter-ion condensation in nucleic acids, physiochemical applications of scanning electrochemical microscopy, certain shapes of centrosymmetric cyclic dimers involving weak hydrogen bonds, and time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of nonadiabatic dynamics in polyatomic molecules.
Chronic overproduction of the compound changed the chemical environment in the cell from oxidative to the opposite, a reductive state.
"Apart from supplying and installing the transformers, switchgear and cables, the site itself was a challenge with construction being carried out in a hazardous chemical environment.

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