chemical depilatory

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chem·i·cal de·pil·a·to·ry

a topically applied depilatory substance.
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Waxing, plucking, and removal by chemical depilatory may cause the condition in some cases, too.
The circuit of influence ran both ways: The Art of Perfumery, a nineteenth-century manual, explained to readers that a chemical depilatory designed for women's upper lips could also be used for "tanners and fell-mongers' preparing hides and skins."
After an introduction reviewing the issues to be addressed and pointing out the age-old use of forcible (as opposed to voluntary) hair removal as social control, the first two chapters contrast the apparent perplexity of Europeans at Native American hair removal practices with the soon-following surge in chemical depilatory techniques and its popularization and standardization in the Industrial Revolution.
Topical treatments (keratolytics, retinoic acid, such as creams and chemical depilatory) may give temporary relief.
Its position firmly established in the depilatory category, Aussie Nads recently entered the more traditional side of the market by launching Squeegee and Creme, its first entry in the chemical depilatory segment.
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