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The act or result of removing hair.
Synonym(s): depilation
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The act or result of removing hair.
Synonym(s): depilation.
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Patient discussion about depilation

Q. Is there any treatment in Chinese medicine to remove body hair? I’m a 22 years-old girl, and I’m considering laser hair removal of the hair on my legs. Usually I prefer the natural way, so I wanted to ask if there’s any Chinese way to remove body hair. Is it better than laser?

A. i agree with Melissa- body hair is natural but sometimes it's growth is increased by an unbalanced hormonal state. and Chinese medicine can help on that case. so there is nothing wrong by checking this direction out .

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In the present work, we longitudinally imaged and characterized dermal lymphatics using multiwavelength fluorescence imaging with injection of a mixture of Alexa-680-bovine serum albumin (BSA) and ICG in C57BL6 mice, which were fed with regular or alfalfa-free diet, in response to changes of skin pigmentation resulting from chemical depilation.
However, after chemical depilation, new hair follicles started to develop and the pink skin began to darken in mice, which were in the growth (anagen) phase.
Chemical depilation is usually carried out on wards or in the home as it requires more time.

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