chemical complexity

chem·i·cal com·plex·i·ty

the number of different sequences in DNA as defined by hybridization kinetics.
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Chemical complexity gives us a way to modify paths for energy dissipation and defect evolution, said first author Yanwen Zhang, who directs an Energy Frontier Research Center, called Energy Dissipation to Defect Evolution, or EDDE, funded by the U.
In my last column (January/February issue) I discussed the chemical complexity of botanicals and what's in a botanical name.
The concluding chapter describes the challenges in defining gene-nutrient interactions because of chemical complexity of food, genetic heterogeneity of humans and complexity of physiological responses to nutrient intake in health and disease.
The chemical complexity of the specific amino acid and the steric hindrance of the flavor molecules that influence the binding sites also are important determinant factors.
The standard scientific view assumes life to have originated not in a single leap from simple chemicals to cells but through gradual accumulations of chemical complexity.
However, the chemical complexity of the water-based paints, which include substances with known irritative and allergic properties, led to cases of skin irritation, eye irritation and stomach problems.
0 T FT-ICR magnet from Bruker, together with instrumentation developments we have planned, will lead to revolutionary new capabilities in FT-ICR, by significantly extending current upper limits for macromolecular weight, as well as chemical complexity.
I will describe the chemical complexity of AGB CSEs through the analysis of existing and future data, in observations with both a broad frequency range and high-spatial resolution.
Our design approach allows for the practical synthesis of diverse or targeted drug-like compounds of high chemical complexity exhibiting desirable pharmacophores, which in turn allows for the rapid establishment of structure-activity data for follow-up medicinal chemistry via the built-in 'hit to lead' capability of this type of library.
The chemical complexity of nerve cells is both an asset and a liability On the one hand, this intricate molecular milieu nurtures cells that enable us to twirl, ponder, reminisce, smile.
To date, however, promising molecular imaging agents have not been labeled with Tc-99m due to its chemical complexity and the lack of a chemically stable coupler capable of linking it to diagnostic compounds.