chemical abuse

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chemical abuse

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Q. Can anybody tell me the point where I should be worried that I've become an alcoholoic? What is the definition of an alcoholist?

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Difficult in itself as such monies are usually paid into a team pot and a number of riders in those races have subsequently been found guilty of chemical abuse and banned themselves.
Probation and Pretrial Services, State of Washington; King County Mental Health Chemical Abuse and Dependency Services Division; and progressive municipalities such as Seattle, Kent and Auburn, Wash.
The BFNC serves a wide range of Buffalo residents, from children in school to teens and senior citizens, to those with chronic and persistent mental illness and chemical abuse issues.
The following is accurate concerning legal/ethical considerations of chemical abuse:
Willamette Family Treatment Services for the Chemically Dependent offers detox, residential, outpatient and transitional treatment for people who are suffering from chemical abuse. For information call Sandy or Chris at 343-2993.
Substance abuse may be introduced to females adolescents by the prepetrator or can be used as a coping mechanism, which prepetuates the chemical abuse cycle throughout the female's lifespan.
Erickson's The Science of Addiction and nicely deconstructs Erickson's interesting distinction between chemical abuse and chemical dependence, a dichotomy that Erickson sees as very important in all spheres of understanding and treatment of substance abuse.
I can recognize the signs of chemical abuse and dependence.
Tara represented the Leech Lake kids on the edge--those at extreme risk, who could go either way, The common elements running through the lives of the lost and struggling kids were highlighted and explained: poverty, a family history of chemical abuse, family disintegration.
Many gardeners are returning to organic gardening after years of chemical abuse which has wreaked havoc on the environment.
' Joe, who says he campaigns against drug dealers and chemical abuse, said the final insult was when the police team who raided his home seized his cat Cito's catnip.
In the 1980s, Nancy Reagan's solution for the rapidly expanding chemical abuse epidemic was to "Just say no." The problem with her advice was--and still is--that we Americans seem to have forgotten how to utter this little word with conviction.

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