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word element [Gr.], chemical; chemistry.


, chem- (kē'mō, kem), Do not confuse this combining form with cheno- or kino-.
[G. chēmeia, alchemy]


, chem-
Combining forms denoting chemistry.
Combining forms denoting chemistry.
[G. chēmeia, alchemy]


, chemi-, chem- [Gr. chēmia, alchemy]
Prefixes meaning chemical, chemistry.
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ORG CHEM Group has the capability to separate, blend, and/or react these materials to meet customer needs.
LG Chem is aggressively pursuing various technologies to expand our footprint in the water treatment market.
The chemical engineering department has administrative responsibility for the Eng Chem program, but it is offered jointly by the departments of chemistry and chemical engineering.
Volume 7 had more than its share of coverage, and readers interested in the topics of concern of the day are directed to Clin Chem 1961;7:75-91;303-7;421-2 for a comprehensive overview.
Trust Chem USA is a new organic pigment supplier to the USA market, and is part of the Trust Chem organization, which is the largest exporter of pigment from China for sale around the world.
We are pleased to add Barry, James, and Cash to the Chem Rock team and expand our industry knowledge for the benefit of our clients," said Ben Davis, Chairman of EnerSciences Holdings, LLC, parent company of Chem Rock.
Fitz Chem is pleased and proud that Wacker has such confidence in Fitz Chem," said Tom Mau, supplier manager of Fitz Chem.
Amid falling oil prices, our clients need a way to cut costs without sacrificing performance," said Wayne Cutrer, President of Chem Rock Technologies.
Based on historical run rates at this site, and subject to the contract's anticipated length and specified dollar limit amount, this announcement represents the largest Fuel Chem program order in Fuel Tech's history.
Founded in 1975, Fibro Chem manufactures specialty chemicals designed for use in a variety of industrial applications.
Per the terms of the agreement, Chem Rx's founder Jerry Silva and management team, including Steve Silva, Gary Jacobs, Evan Selzer, Paula Agoglia, Jody Silva-Falk, Shelly Evans, Michael Segal and Leora Tilocca will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day operations of Chem Rx.
Other FUEL CHEM opportunities are being actively pursued in this region.