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Comparative trial of HIV-infected patients Evaluating Efficacy & Safety of saquinavir-Enhanced oral formulation and indinavir given as part of a triple drug therapy. An AIDS therapy trial
Conclusion Despite low plasma concentrations, saquinavir reduced the plasma HIV load by 2.4 log10 copies/ml after 24 weeks; previous studies of AZT plus 3TC showed only a drop of about 1.1 log10 copies/ml


AIDS A clinical trial–Comparative Trial of HIV-Infected Patients Evaluating Efficacy & Safety of Saquinavir-Enhanced Oral Formulation and Indinavir given as part of a Triple Drug Therapy. See AIDS, Indinavir, Saquinavir.


a partially fermented, coagulated product of milk. Varieties of cheese are produced by the use of different microorganisms in the fermenting process (and by the use of different types of milk).


a food produced industrially by the precipitation of milk protein and capable of acting as a vector of animal disease caused by resistant bacteria but especially by viruses, especially foot-and-mouth disease.

cheese fly
infests cheese but of esthetic importance only. Called also cheese skipper, Piophila casei.
cheese mite

Patient discussion about cheese

Q. I take lots of cheese and other dairy products and even I like them a lot,it does worry me on my consumption. Does having large amount of protein rich food like dairy products have effect on breast cancer and its inception? I take lots of cheese and other dairy products and even I like them a lot, it does worry me on my consumption of dairy.

A. A vegan diet is found good for breast cancer patients, rather for all cancers. It’s hard to separate out which foodstuffs might influence cancer to develop or grow. The idea behind a dairy-free diet for breast cancer is that a diet low in animal protein will be low in essential amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. A diet low in essential amino acids has been shown to reduce levels of a growth factor called IGF-1 (insulin-like growth-factor-1) in the bloodstream. This might be important, as women with low levels of IGF-1 are at a lower risk of developing some types of cancer, including breast cancer.

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The riders are cheesed off with the club, however, over a trial that would insist they took a 24-hour break after every ten days in the saddle.
Lynn said: "I was a bit cheesed off coming off the first but managed to birdie the next two and that was what I needed.
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Indeed, I shouldn't be surprised if the estimable MrDown isn't cheesed off by the number of times he has to