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Reginald Crundall, English geneticist, 1875-1967.
Punnett square - a grid used in genetics. Synonym(s): checkerboard
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1A for experimental design.) Cuttlefish were presented with high-contrast checkerboard squares located on the 2D floor at three distances: a) directly underneath the cuttlefish in a lBL-diameter circle; b) directly outside the 0BL diameter of the plexiglass cylinder, with a 50% gray floor located underneath the cuttlefish; and c) a ring around the cuttlefish at 1BL (8.0 cm from plexiglass), with a 50% gray floor located directly beneath the cuttlefish, extending to the 1BL distance.
Cuttlefish showed a Uniform body pattern on the 50% gray control and a Disruptive body pattern on the checkerboard control (Fig.
Cuttlefish responded to high-contrast checkerboard squares located on the substrate directly beneath them with weak Disruptive body patterning (i.e., White Square only), but did not respond with Disruptive coloration to checkerboard squares located beyond their immediate 0BL annulus (Fig.
Suppose that the squares of an m x n checkerboard (m rows and n columns), where mn [greater than or equal to] 2, are alternately colored black and red.
Figure 1(b) shows a placement of 6 coins on a 3 x 8 checkerboard such that the number of coins on neighboring squares of every black square is even and the number of coins on neighboring squares of every red square is odd.
At right, a renovated Checkerboard. The picture window has been replaced with Bahama shutters separated by a rectangle.
This physical surface was a slowly, irregularly rotating checkerboard (approximately 2 revolutions/min) made of photocopied paper glued onto foam core and was mechanically introduced along the line of sight to the pyramid as illustrated in Figure 3.
The checkerboard was a disk 29 cm in diameter with 5 cm black and white checks having either 1.3 or 17.8 cd/[m.sup.2] luminance.
The effect is shocking, like seeing a rainbow on your checkerboard.
Glass serveware and salad sets bear a checkerboard design.
The embedded checkerboard pattern we introduce is a proper alternative for the traditional black-white checkerboard pattern and can be used in cases where common areas are not visible in images (due to FOV differences).
However, using a wide-angle lens does not guarantee the stereo setup manages to capture full images of the checkerboard pattern.