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Reginald Crundall, English geneticist, 1875-1967.
Punnett square - a grid used in genetics. Synonym(s): checkerboard
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Zhang, A checkerboard problem and modular colorings of graphs.
The Checkerboard DNA-DNA hybridization scores were submitted to a new codification to allow a better comparison with the BANA Test results.
In Tina's drawing, there are patterns created by the dots and checkerboard fabric.
Paint your checkerboard. Begin by painting the bottom left square black.
At right, a renovated Checkerboard. The picture window has been replaced with Bahama shutters separated by a rectangle.
Be sure to choose an appropriate grass for your checkerboard terrace, considering sunlight and soil conditions.
The lion's share went to the transcontinental railroads, which received only every other section of land along their routes, creating a checkerboard pattern of alternating government and railroad land.
Geiger arranged the lighting fixtures in a checkerboard pattern, rather than a grid, so he could place the light precisely where it was needed.
Thompson says that Plum Creek began "liquidation logging" on its Montana lands in the 1990s, cutting up vast swaths in a checkerboard pattern.
This physical surface was a slowly, irregularly rotating checkerboard (approximately 2 revolutions/min) made of photocopied paper glued onto foam core and was mechanically introduced along the line of sight to the pyramid as illustrated in Figure 3.
The matching jersey bottoms come in long short, long pocket short, checkerboard nylon short, and beach short styles.
For "Falling in Place," Christine Walker (sets) creates a strikingly odd, tilted platform whose blue-and-white pattern is at once table-cloth, checkerboard, and kitchen floor.