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Drug slang A regional street term for a personal supply of drugs
Lab medicine See Delta check
Sports medicine See Body check
Vox populi An evaluation to verify something
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Lab medicine See Delta check Sports medicine See Body check Vox populi An evaluation to verify something.
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1. To stop or obstruct.
2. To examine or test.
3. The act or result of checking.
[O.Fr. eschec, to checkmate, fr. Persian shāh, king]
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[O.Fr. eschec]
1. To slow down or arrest the course of a condition.
2. To verify.
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Patient discussion about check

Q. What should I get checked for after a year of alcoholism? I'm a little worried about what damage I might have caused during my little drinking escapade and would like to know what I should get checked out. I had a bit of abdominal pain in my stomach area sometimes after drinking so I am concerned mostly what might have caused that. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.

A. Thanks to all.
I appreciate your help..

Q. breast cancer check- once in how much time? I once heard you can check yourself at home as well so you wont run to the doctor's every time. How to do it? and every how many months is it recommended to be checked by the doctor??

A. Breast self-examination wasn't proved to benefit women in preventing breast cancer, mainly because difficulties in performing the examination, so there's no clear recommendation to perform self examination regularly.

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Q. What can I do to check on his behavior and make him regular… my 7 year son is seen with ADHD. I am not able to control on his high urges and irregularity and confusion which comes with this ADHD. What can I do to check on his behavior and make him regular…I know if I start now probably he will be better in coming years….

A. Very well……… need to make some strategies for your child. Like create a daily routine for your child. Place your child`s belongings at the same place daily and at same time. If your child is doing anything, please keep the thing away which may distract him. Limit the choices from many things to 2 things only if possible. Describe anything in clear and short way. Make goals for your child like for positive behavior and appreciate him when he does. Please scold less or don’t shout on him for his mistakes at all rather make him understand by reducing on his demands or choices. Help your child to find his talents and make him work on them.

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Participate in the second Local Government Finance: Guarding the Public Checkbook seminar to be held in San Antonio, Texas, April 22-24, 2004, at the Adam's Mark on the Riverwalk.
By the end of the day, the car isn't washed, the bills are unpaid, the Coke is sitting on the kitchen counter, the flowers are half-watered, the checkbook still only has one check in it, and I can't seem to find my car keys!
If you haven't looked at your checkbook in a while, some signs that your business may begin to experience some financial challenges are as follows:
As more than one CEO has learned, notes Billings, it's wise to heed the dictum, "if you want a job done well, do it yourself." If that involves overcoming qualms about politics and getting out the corporate checkbook, well, that's life inside the Beltway.
After three hours passed and my checkbook remained in my pocket, his folksy charm dissipated.
This information was used to update a checkbook method of irrigation scheduling and proved to be easy.
Multinational/international enhancements include extended euro capabilities for entering and reconciling transactions for denomination or euro currency checkbooks; enables customers to accept cash receipts in multiple currencies for a single checkbook, reconcile and report on that activity; and provide the ability to run up to eight multiple languages against a single database.
"Do you find activities such as keeping track of appointments, remembering conversations, balancing a checkbook, or staying focused on a task without getting distracted becoming more difficult?
When it comes to giving up the old tattered checkbook, consumers are looking for savings as an incentive - and saving time is not enough.
To many, the payment represented the entrance of a big-name, mainstream news organization into the murky waters of checkbook journalism.
The suite includes the Electronic Banking System and 17 modules, including CheckBook, Electronic Bill Presentment and Electronic Bill Payment.
Some people have a head for numbers, while others head for cover at the mere mention of balancing a checkbook. But everyone blessed with good neurological health employs the same brain region to discern differences between small quantities of items, a new study suggests.