check key

check key,

n a device used to maintain accuracy while interchanging semiadjustable articulators.
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We check key competitors' pricing on the top 50 sizes in the UK and on average we are cheaper on 35 out of 50.
In Xperia SP new camera app, Timeshift Burst only allows geotagging and zooming functionality with the capability of reviewing the set of burst shots if you use back instead of the check key so you can select which you really want.
Visual ticketing lets operators quickly check key details before printing.
8220;For consumers who use our armbands as well as SparkPeople's community tools, this integration reduces manual data entry, makes it possible to check key data without continually opening both apps, and simplifies the process of seeing what you're doing right - or wrong - in your eating and fitness behaviors.
Check key performance indicators such as levels of staff having annual appraisals, pressure ulcer rates, patients' experience percentage who would recommend the trust to others
Mr Mansfield accused Mr McDowall of making strategic decisions in a vacuum, failing to ensure his strategy was clearly communicated and omitting to check key information.
Check key staff aren't away together and that you have enough staff for the workload.
However, before making a decision, take time to check key points.
Validation tests check key rates and ratios for internal consistency of the assumptions and conclusions.
Because the tooling must meet dimensional specifications before it is released for use by production, Avica technicians check key dimensions of blueprint drawings for tooling with the FaroArm and CAM2 Software.
This means a client with any PC will be able to check key data and in turn will make remote maintenance easy.