check digit

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check di·git

(chek dijit)
One digit in computer code used to check the accuracy of other characters in the code.
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The IBAN in the Kingdom would comprise 30 characters and digits, including two letters for the country code (CC): JO for Jordan, two digits for the check digit (CD): for the entire IBAN and is calculated, four letters for the Bank Identifier, four digits for the bank branch identifier and the Customer Account Number.
The check digit mechanism in an IBAN compliant account number will validate the accuracy of account number at the point of transactions entry at the remitting institutions (domestic or international).
A check digit is a single number computed from the other numbers in the ticket number.
In order for conventional technologies to identify when information changes due to such causes as a failed disk drive or tampering, they require secret information to be distributed, the retention of "check digit data" for confirming if secret information has been tampered with, and the distribution of key data that was used to make check digit calculations.
The system, which combines a country code with a check digit code and the customers existing account number, will speed up transactions and go a long way to eliminate much of the need for physical checking.
The old number and letter combinations have gradually been replaced by the new ten-numbered unique personal identifier number, where the last number acts as a check digit to safeguard against typographical errors.
To ensure accurate reading, the UPC includes a check digit that a computer system can test internally to validate the code.
ISO standard 7064:2003 defines a check digit as an "added digit which may be used to verify the accuracy of a standard number through a mathematical relationship to the digits contained in that number.