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Sports medicine Slang for the use of ancillary muscles to achieve a particular movement—e.g., bench presses—because the muscle group normally used for the movement has been overloaded
Vox populi The use of subterfuge, deceit or fraud in one’s interpersonal or business interactions
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Contrary to the SMORC model, cheating actually decreased slightly at the highest payout amounts.
Although the cheating is believed to have been confined to a single unit at Charleston and apparently was not known to commanding officers, the misconduct had been happening since at least 2007, according to Adm.
Students who rely on cheating to pass exams fail to develop knowledge and skills that can help them in their future since no effort was put into studying.
This man is cheating for a reason - he is not happy, and the longer you stay the more you are enabling him and the more successfully he will rot your selfesteem to its very core.
Daily's book also covers topics like the best places and equipment to snoop for clues, tips on protecting your relationship from an affair, the biggest mistakes women make when confronting a man if they think he is cheating, and the cheating red zone most men are knee-deep in every day.
This reunion comes after almost half year of staying away from each other, especially after Jai, who is part of the Australian YouTube comedy and prank group The Janoskians, accused Ariana on cheating on him with Nathan Sykes.
The newspaper said it learned of the cheating from a former student who filed an academic grievance in June, claiming her grade suffered because she opted not to cheat*
In 2012, the nation's top cheating scandal was at Stuyvesant High School in New York City This is a school where acing tests is all but second nature for the brainiacs.
Data from subsequent experiments showed that the link between money and cheating, and between time and cheating, could be explained by self-reflection (or lack thereof).
The overall level of cheating has dropped significantly since last year from 324 to 249.
Talking to the media here, the Director Colleges and Higher Education said that cheating in exams is a curse and as such all segments of the society particularly the teachers and parents would have to play their part to eliminate it.
However, it's dangerous to ignore the cheating epidemic because it reflects the absence of effective education, which has always been the source of human progress and enlightenment.