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Sports medicine Slang for the use of ancillary muscles to achieve a particular movement—e.g., bench presses—because the muscle group normally used for the movement has been overloaded
Vox populi The use of subterfuge, deceit or fraud in one’s interpersonal or business interactions
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Like that time Ross slept with another woman while his relationship with Rachel hit a bump in the road, cheaters argue that sleep cheating does not count.
CHEATER CHECK Ask to borrow his cell to make a quick call, and see how he responds.
The fact that Cheater and Manning had become separated from the rest of the patrol is confirmed in the citation for the medal that Cheater was subsequently awarded (see below).
If all else fails, you can always hire private eyes and a television crew to follow a suspected cheater.
Douglas says the show also gets just about all of the cheaters to sign a waiver by offering them an inducement of between $500 and $2,000, which--to a low-wage earner--can help to ease the humiliation of coming off as a rat in national syndication.
This result, Queller and Strassmann say, shows that cheater mutations that threaten multicellularity occur naturally and are even favored -- as long as the population of amoebae remains genetically diverse.
Not paying the full cost gives an exploiter more resources to put into making cheater babies.
RAWALPINDI, July 04, 2010 (Balochistan Times): In a bid to discourage cheaters and booty mafia the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Rawalpindi has decided to display name, pictures and complete bio date of an examination cheater in national news papers, Controller of Examination Professor Abdul Sattar Ramay said Sunday.
The 59-year-old, from Yarm, appeared as a contestant on the new BBC1 game show Dirty Rotten Cheater.
Barry's the biggest cheater of them all," said Victor Magana of Norwalk, who patiently waited out the 1-hour, 57-minute rain delay under the left-field pavilion.
And sometimes an incomplete erasure or a smudge will lead to a right answer being marked wrong, making it easy for a cheater to make a few retroactive "corrections" and plead mistreatment by the grading gadget.
Keeping the significant other ignorant about an online liaison is an art, and the more computer-savvy the cheater, the more dirt he or she will be able to conceal.