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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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Chazan shows in fascinating detail how these (mis)understandings of each other developed, were managed, and were ultimately transformed.
Specifically, some research with animations aims at investigating teacher decision-making and the justification of those decisions, by showing examples of scenarios that constitute breaches to typical instruction (Bieda, Sela, & Chazan, 2014; Chazan & Herbst, 2012; Herbst & Chazan, 2011; Mesa & Herbst, 2011) or alternative scenarios (Gonzalez & Eli, 2015).
In 1989, Belgian activist Simone Susskind helped convene a conference of Israeli and Palestinian women, including activists Naomi Chazan and Hanan Ashrawi.
59) Guy Chazan, "South Stream gas project may now be a pipe dream," Financial Times, August 24, 2014.
Abuse of conscientious objection in Poland: short summary of Doctor Chazan case.
OBSTETRICIAN BOGDAN Chazan was fired by Warsaw Mayor Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz in July for not offering either an abortion or a referral in a timely manner for a woman carrying a fetus with severe birth defects, according to the Associated Press.
The future of Moscow-backed South Stream gas project ais looking increasingly murkya amidst the East-West tensions over Ukraine, the FTas energy editor Guy Chazan has opined.
Individuals include: Jan Urban, a Czech dissident, journalist and leading figure in the Velvet revolution to end communism; Roelf Meyer, South Africa's principal government negotiator during the end of Apartheid; Naomi Chazan, a senior Israeli political leader and women's rights activist who pursued peace with the Palestinians; Monica McWilliams, founder of the Northern Ireland Women's Coalition who secured a place for women in negotiating an end to the violent conflict in Northern Ireland; Jose Zalaquett, the Chilean lawyer and human rights activist who helped establish Chile's truth and reconciliation commission following the Pinochet era; and Jose Maria Argueta, a senior Guatemalan statesman who risked his life to help end his country's bloody civil war.
Barry Chazan, with Arianna Koransky, "Does the Teen Israel Experience Make a Difference?
Edited by May Chazan, Lisa Helps, Anna Stanley & Sonali Thakkar (Between the Lines, 2011)
Les contributions soulignent presque toutes l'importance capitale du regard, du visible (article de Chazan sur l'echographie au Bresil) et de la monstration dans le developpement et la diffusion desdites technologies.