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Meyer O., 20th-century U.S. physician. See: Cantor tube.
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The goal should be, according to the Spertus Institute's Chazan, for each student to ask, "What does Israel mean to my life, both as a Jew and as a human being?" This form of inquiry, it was hoped, would lead to "engagement," a popular education buzzword.
With little budget, it focused on heartfelt original programming, like a singing competition to crown Israel's top Chazan. And it became an unexpected hit: a survey this year ranked the channel as Israel's third most popular television brand, way ahead of other, more established competitors.
May Chazan, The Grandmothers' Movement: solidarity and survival in the time of AIDS.
In the same breath, governance and quality of life has not fared better (Chazan, 1992a; 1992b).
Chazan, "Electrocardiographic changes in patients with spontaneous pneumothorax," Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, vol.
Fangrat A, Domagala-Kulawik J, Krenke R, Safianowska A, Walkiewicz R, Chazan R.
By animations, we refer to stories of classroom instruction portrayed with cartoon-based characters in a slide show with a voice-over (see Chazan & Herbst, 2012).
The computer's ability to generate multiple diversified examples rapidly, to store and retrieve moves and to provide quality feedback, provides the learner with information on the mathematical concept that constitutes the basis for the generalisations and hypotheses that require proof (Chazan, 1993; Dreyfus & Hadas, 1996; Hanna, 2000; Laborde, 2000).